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Microsoft Outlook 2010 Runs but Main Window Won’t Open

I had the following problem. When I would open Outlook 2010 from the Start menu, the icon would appear in the Taskbar, but the Main Window would never open. Running in Safe mode would work. I wanted my “normal” Outlook back. So here is the following steps that i took to fix my issue.

1. Right Click on Microsoft Outlook 2010  from your start menu and click on properties.


2. In Properties click on the SHORTCUT tab. Where it says Run: Change it to Maximized. Click Ok.


3. Open Outlook again from your start menu. It should open up to a full screen.

4.Right click on the Task Bar below with Outlook open and click on Cascade WindowsScreenshot 2014-10-15 17.25.16_edited

5.Close out of Outlook. Repeat step 1 and 2 but change RUN: to Normal Window.

6. Reopen Outlook and it should work for you.

Please comment below if this work for you!

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  1. Thanks – this was very helpful!

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